At the End of Lent-Retreat

I am very excited to announce a small retreat in Hungary: – At the end of lent – Does this consist of only silence? No—we will have several hours of silence every day, but fellowship, local food, and homemade goodies will make this retreat a unique experience. Note: It is a small retreat for only six…

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Three bucks of happiness

We skate over the round skating rink that is placed in the center of Osijek during the winter months. One little girl was standing on the sidelines, just like many others. Each time we came around, we waved and smiled. It took me five rounds before I realized that she was not just watching out…

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My Rule of Life

“My surprise!” one of our girls cried when she came into the kitchen. She held 25 cm of her hair in her hand, which was obviously not connected to her head anymore, The soup was at boiling point and even I became speechless for a few minutes. After that we did have a little conversation about the usefulness of communication.

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At the end of 2017

One final post at the end of the year, time to look back at the year behind us. We made a review that we would like to share with you: 2017: Year Review 2017 was a year with many blessings, a lot of things to be thankful for. We thank you for travelling with us, some…

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The Chosen One

Ouch, was what I thought when I hit the ground with a sudden thump after they removed me from my roots. Strong hands dragged me into a car and took me to a cold, gray parking lot, where I saw many of my friends. Only a few nights passed before a car stopped in front of…

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Vanda, one year in our family

“Am I not even able to look after a dog?”  For a long time, I felt ashamed about what happened to us just a few weeks after we adopted Vanda from the local shelter, but now, I am ready to share her story. I am glad that we all made it through her first year.…

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Grandma’s crochet

When I was fifteen years old, my grandma gave me this lovely handmade bookmark. It travels with me always because it is in my Bible. I got the idea to make another one, but that did not work out very well. I am not at her skill level. So, I decided to make a different…

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Romaconference Osijek, Nov. 2017

Last week, Jelle and I attended a conference about Christianity among the Roma. We met a mixed group of people from all kinds of backgrounds: Pentecostal and Baptist, Roman Catholic and Reformed, people from Slovakia, Bulgaria, and even from the UK. Most were pastors, some teachers and sociologists, but all working with Roma people. Some…

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7 priceless gifts on Thanksgiving Day

In this week of American Thanksgiving, I will change the challenge. Lately, there has been a 7-day challenge floating around Facebook to post photos seven days in a row—no explanations, just pictures. It was a nice challenge. Many people shared beautiful shots and were challenged to see beauty. But, the challenge was too hard for…

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First editon: Kaskada Magazine!

We are excited to share with you the first edition of Kaskada magazine! It is a magazine about the people and projects within Roma Bible Union. Just grab a big mug with your favorite drink, sit down and enjoy! Reading the stories, watching the pictures and videoclips. Please share with as many people as possible;-)…

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