Awe and wonder

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During the last hours before Christmas, the city Pecs in the South of Hungary was bubbling. We found a church, and were drawn to the silence. An older woman didn’t seem to give any attention for what was going on outside. She was sitting there at the middle-sideline of the church. Talking with the One who seemed to have a great place in her life. Pouring out her heart, whispering in the silence. And she took me with her. She reminded me of Anna, the whispering woman, but yet a profetes, who was also worshipping, and spread the news about the birth of a baby called Jesus.
We’ve been two days in Pecs, in the South of Hungary. Just an hour north of Osijek. Still the Baranja area, but also a very different culture, language and money. We met with our friends and team mates and had a nice city walk.   It became kind of a custom for our family, to just try if the door of the cities Cathedral, or village church is open, and if it is, just enter and see and be open for whatever comes on our way. And just doing that has given us so many unexpected beautiful moments.
When we entered the huge cathedral from Pecs, a group of children was just doing one of the final rehearsals for Christmas eve and we jumped in the story of Zachary who was visited by an angel.
The story went on, and so did we, walked further through the city, visited the nice Christmas market.
Bought a few gifts and really enjoyed the mulled wine.
This was very good stuff… a bit dangerously nice and sweet and not expensive 😉
And walked home, happy and satisfied.
At night we played in church and the words are resonating in my heart:

Jesus, joy of my desiring
Holy wisdom, love most bright;
Drawn by Thee, our souls aspiring
Soar to uncreated light.
He my eye’s most precious pleasure
He my spirit’s choicest treasure
Fast en firm within my heart
He and I will never part.

Warm Christmas greetings, where ever you are. May your days be filled with awe and wonder.
Janneke and the family.