shooting for pacifists

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IMG_0118-003   And I shoot up like a tree of the Libanon!”” Shouts Laurens enthousiastically every Sunday morning. His little hands folded as a pistol throwing him in the air. Laurens is in the shooting stage”. After nearly four years is it not new to us, to have a boy around the table, but his different behaviour is still often a surprise after our three girls. (they never walked around with pistols or cars) And each time it is fun again to see Laurens in his childish way translating this Bibleverse.
We have the custom to read psalm 92 every Sundaymorning. And by now, we all know this psalm more or less by heart and that is nice for some reading practise.. Some people say that it is very good to read a text ten or more times, so we listen faithfully to this advice. (Although not totally because we use quite an arrangement in translations.) We find It interesting to see how the translators made different choices, and sometimes struggled.
At least Laurens definitely added a new perspective to what we knew so far. He is seeing the shooting as going round with a gun, instead of shooting like a root in the ground.. An interesting way of putting it, what he is doing.. we’ll explain it one day… Paul talked about going deep and high and wide and far. So well…
When Laurens started with this shooting stage, we decided that he could shoot as much as he wanted. But that we didn’t appreciate the shooting to dead. Just teaching him that this is just not the way we like to deal with problems. So shooting is allowed here, but shoot each other alive, give him a boost in one or another way.. at least, try. IMG_0139-003
We love it those word games and plays. Did you know (I didn’t for a loooooong time) that the word enthusiastically means: “en-Thou-siastically”: Full of joy of the Lord. (Thou) well fitting when you are a little boy and growing so fast.
Would be nice if we all shoot up and be rooted like that!