changing socks, shoes and ?

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IMG_0170It started with wearing different socks, because it was hard to find the same pair of socks. I can imagine. I don’t buy always a pile, but expect the girls to find the same pair. Must be possible eh? You wear socks, when they’re dirty, you throw them in the laundry bin, I wash it and fold it and we start all over again. No, not in our family.
I see Laurens walking in the house, with one sock on and one off.. so how can these running -one bare-feet find the other again. And who cares? The thing is: They don’t bother at all! I tried to correct this funny habit of wearing different socks in the beginning, but they laughed at me and said: Life is full of colors, and so are we! Tell me: How could I reasonably give back from that..?
So I started to accept it. And I better did, because three girls with each a clean pair of socks each day, makes 9 in three days and 21 in a week and 42 singles in a week. Not talking about more weeks….lost count…
So when I started to accept this sock habit, the new custom appeared and this makes me a bit scared of what I can expect in the future…. The latest one is Shoe changing.. The girls are going to different schools, in different places, but who cares? And the response when I try to say something about it?
So what? Is this not very colorfull? Just like nature- and us?
So, I accept again and wait excitingly for the next habit… I know.. it is Jelle and me who let them walk on so many different paths, in woods, in big cities, in little villages, close to rivers, on high mountains, in cosy English houses, in clean Dutch organized households and a few in between houses… and also in very dirty villages.. So how can I blame them for being themselves? I knew life would never be boring with three young girls.. and acctually… I am pretty proud of them being so careless what -whoever is thinking..- Who is changing who here?

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  1. Ach; wij zijn hele normale Hollandse mensen die al járen leven onder dezelfde omstandigheden. En ook hier verschillende sokken…

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