7 priceless gifts on Thanksgiving Day

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In this week of American Thanksgiving, I will change the challenge.
Lately, there has been a 7-day challenge floating around Facebook to post photos seven days in a row—no explanations, just pictures. It was a nice challenge. Many people shared beautiful shots and were challenged to see beauty. But, the challenge was too hard for me for three reasons:

  • You would not think so, probably, but I am very bad with computers, photos, technology, and all that. I need Jelle or our kids to help me. They sometimes get VERY annoyed with me. In making this post, I needed help three times.
  • I have a cheap cellphone because two of my phones have already been stolen. My camera on my now-cheap phone is very poor quality. So, it’s back to the old-fashioned way of making photos—with an actual camera.
  • As you might know. I am very bad at being obedient. If someone sets a rule, I have this deep urge to think how to work creatively with it. My parents and teachers had quite a few challenges in raising me. And, they partly failed in making me obedient.
  • Oh well, there are four reasons—it is just sometimes too hard for me to not use words!

So, I changed the challenge.
Find below seven photos out of our house, seven precious, priceless gifts, some of them home-made, all gotten over the years—some years ago, some just a few days ago, all with their own story.
I change the challenge in a big thank-you for your gifts and invite you to share something priceless from your home.

Tricia; 2017 Homemade quilt with my favorite colors!

From Tricia (2017), a homemade quilt with my favorite colors! It is very new and endlessly priceless.

Laura, She joined us in 2010. This cute doll is quite lazy by now. The girls grew up together.
Ruth; 2013, paintbox, very well used;-)
From Jantien (2017), classy shoes.
From Korstiaan (2014), old shelves from the garage turned into kitchen shelves and painted by Mieneke.
From Claire (2015), a big pot owned by her mother from England. It has daily use during homemade bread-making as flour storage.
From Theodor (2016), a wooden music note frame.
From Peter Tate, (2009)

And now, the new challenge for you if you like it: What is an object in your house with a special meaning? Feel free to tell, post below, forward, share, and challenge someone else.