Ti si moj Bog

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The first drops that fall in my coffee pot are the strongest and the most concentrated. I enjoy it and don’t need a lot of it.
And that is the case here with Croatian language learning. I miss most of it without translation. But I start to understand more and more single words. A couple of weeks ago, our pastor preached about Psalm 140. One of the verses is: Ti si moj Bog. You are my God.
I embraced the words and loved them, sitting there in the little Darda church, surrounded by Roma who are becoming more and more friends to us. Words can be like water for somebody who is very thirsty. I am often tired and after these words I fell in a peaceful sleep during the sermon;)
I remember so well that I had to learn English, about ten years ago now. I had a small list with words in my kitchen. On top of it the word: AVAILABLE. We had three little girls, were in the process of application for Wycliffe and the future was one big scary adventure.
Al my anxiety and uncertainty and worries came together in that single word. It was a big question mark: what would that mean for me? Am I available? What does it look like? How far shall I go, how much do I want to give?
But in our weakness we need that Mighty Power who says:

I am always available to you.

In my weakness, I said yes. I said yes, to whatever would come. And I didn’t know.
I whispered back – and I still do- to the unseen King of all:

I am always available to You,

Only with the strength that You gave to me.

Because: Ti si moj Bog!

You are my God!