Summerjobs for the girls

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Marijke and Judith both found lovely opportunities for summer jobs in the Netherlands. It was their first time flying together. Jelle brought the girls to the Budapest airport, and Jelle’s dad received them in Eindhoven (NL). Judith worked at a blueberry farm, and Marijke worked with granddad at the Free University of Amsterdam. It was very special that they both got an opportunity to get some experience in their own giftings.

Different family members and friends took care of them, for which we are very grateful! And, on this side, I experienced some new motherly feelings—another level of letting go but a fantastic experience of independence.


Judith enjoyed family time next to her work. Here she is painting with a cousin in grandad’s garden. Marijke went daily with grandad on the earliest train to work in the archives. Who knows in which way this experience will prove valuable in the future? She made three reports and impressed us all.

But, we are glad to have them safely home. We talked for hours, of course, and hope to enjoy the rest of the summer before serious schoolwork starts in September.

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Warm greetings, from all of us this time!

Jelle, Janneke, Marijke, Judith, Femke, and Laurens