Pear picking

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On the day that Jelle brought me to Bor a few weeks ago, around 30 people from our home village came together for the pear harvest. The owner had promised to give a certain amount of money for each square bushel. This faithful, hardworking group of people managed to get 42 of these bushels. This is a fantastic fundraising event, and it was all to support us as a family to work and serve in this part of Europe.
There was rain, but that is no reason to stop. They just put on raincoats and kept going. This event is so encouraging for us.
It was in the same week that we went into the Roma villages around Bor in eastern Serbia. The children got some food and clothes and each family got a beautiful picture Bible. We had a women’s tea party and there was Bible study for everyone who was eager to learn more. We noticed how much the people loved it, and they told us: “Please do come back!” That is what we definitely hope to do. We will stay in touch.
It is very powerful to know that congregations, family and friends are standing behind us as we serve at the front. It makes the work what we can do foundation-ally different. We are not standing alone. We are carried through by others around the planet. And we need this support in many ways. We do lose courage, we do lose heart. We worry and we face complicated situations. We doubt and fear. But in this all, we know: This is the way God wants it: People serving together for His glory, to make His name known till the end of the earth.
And here is a link to a video on facebook.
This kind of encouraging events gives us the strength we need.
Thank you, for being a part of it.
Jelle, Janneke, Marijke, Judith, Femke en Laurens.
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