In the swing of life, 3 x 3 + 1 = 10

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In the swing of life here: regular lessons, even tests and a lot of art these weeks. Language lessons from a young woman here from town, music lessons from a Romanian family,  absorbing two other cultures: the Croatian and the Roma and adjusting to all of it…  making mistakes in odd ways, and accepting it.. (what else can you do, right?) Saying: volim te, ( I love you) to the baker instead of vidimo se.(see you) and doing the same stupid thing simply again in another place. No wonder that we have those moments of being plain exhausted.
Anyway, I love to spend some time here, just for a change and found out that:

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Your 3 favourite posts of 2015

Some time ago I asked you to let me know which posts you liked most. Here is the top 3:

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And to close with one very helpful one in this time for us:

I’ll end in the proper way of saying Good bye to you, but it might very well be, that I would love to say Volim te, my dear reader.
Vidimo se!