How was the silence retreat?

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Many of you asked me this question, so here is my answer:
We came from four cardinal directions and traveled many miles, but after that, we enjoyed the local food, fellowship, and silence.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_3aFour moments that touched my heart:

  1. Walking in silence for one and a half hours in the middle of the plains. On our left, there were plains to the horizon. On the right, plains to the horizon. With every step, you leave the village and everything behind you and enter into this great emptiness. Wordless prayers appear and are fulfilled in a herd of deer watching us from the sidelines as God is watching over us from above—harmony with the Creator, nature, and your very own self, whom you meet eventually.
  2. A lunch in silence, using your senses, enjoying the peace of unity and community—no words needed, no compliments needing to be made. The silence and the new insights through your senses are highlighted through the experience.
  3. At a certain moment, we had four hours of silence. I brought it to a pause with this song: Bless the Lord my soul. Remarkably enough, everyone agreed: “I could do with more silence.” We all need some time to enter into it, but once we are there and drink from it, we thirst for more.
  4. I also liked that everyone who attended had different reasons to sign up. Some were touched by the local food.  Others by the puzzle of transitions  Others just came for the silence.

Overall, it was a precious experience that I still enjoy even now. I hope we all can go back to these beautiful moments and ponder back. I am grateful for this new experience.

Warm greetings, Janneke