Here we go, but how do we call this?

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Yay! We FINISHED! Last year, for Christmas, Jelle gave me a blog course by Jeff Goins. And this summer we have been working on it in the wee hours of the day. Hiding from the heat, outside, working on the blog course, inside. We learned a lot, Jelle fixed everything behind the scenes. Thank you, Jelle! You had to put quite a few hours into it. I know you prefer to be the invisible man, but I just have to say: You did priceless work! Thanks to Judith’s artistic eye, she is able to make most of the pictures. Hopefully, you will see something slightly more professional in the future!

It is quite an achievement for us to do a course together. At some point Jelle asked pretty desperately: Were you this bad at sitting on your chair and staying there for a few minutes in school?” And I replied: “Oh, it was way worse!” Of course, that reminded me of Mary in the Sound of Music, when the captain asks her: “Were you always this much trouble at the Abby?” And Mary answers:“Oh, sir, way more!”

For a long time, I did not dare to call myself a blogger. But when I hit the 50.000 viewers this summer, I decided: I am a blogger.

Here for the stats lovers: 5 years, 310 blogs, a bit over 150 posts in English and also a bit over 150 Dutch posts. 130 drafts on different levels of readiness. Visitors from 109 countries, around 55.000 hits, on average 1200 visitors every month. And with that, I fit in the category of small bloggers who do not quit.

You will see a few changes. The bilingual blog will be split into two blogs. You can, of course, read everything online, but if you sign up for my brand new newsletter (From My Table) you can select Dutch or English. Whenever you sign up, you will first get a few welcome e-mails in which I tell a bit more about our journey. After that, you will get a short update whenever I post a new blog. I write every week, about our life here in Croatia, about local food, wandering through markets and in hidden streets, stories about Roma and last but not least: more about writing itself, because I find that very inspiring. One word leads to the next and so we journey on!


The new URL is but I know that this doesn’t sound very fancy.

So I need your help: do you have a suggestion for a good blog title?

It might be my lack of English, as it is my second language. I just cannot come up with a catchy blog title. I think it should be short, memorable, consist of two or three English words. Some connection with the content of this blog would not be bad either. Let me know what you think, will you? Click here.

Warm greetings! Janneke

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