Grandmothers embroidery.

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We ask You not to save every sorrow from our children,
But be You their consolation when they are lonely and afraid.
For Your name’s sake, keep them in Your covenant.
And let them never leave You, never, all their lives.

My grandmother embroidered this prayer (my mother’s mother) for her children and I believe it to be sure that she thereby also thought of her grandchildren and those who would come.
I deeply appreciate the heritage we have. It might be that you have a different background. That your parents didn’t raise you in loving and having that wonderful fear of the Lord from early childhood.
Please don’t feel left out and be glad that God gave you this new heritage: “”But me and my house (my children and those who might come) I will serve the Lord”” Joshua 24.
Grandmother’s embroidery is hanging at my parents house. And in preparation for our first term with Wycliffe, ten years ago, during my pregnancy of Femke, I also have embroidered it. It was my way of giving our children back in the hands of the Lord, who made them. I was so excited (and a bit scared) to go and bring our children -for me- untrodden paths. But this helped me so. I made a version, what was easy for moving around, so that it could move with us and that is what it always has done. One of those “hold on” elements, while there was much to let go.
In these months of preparing for our next move, I could use another extra boost to face the new circumstances for living in Croatia and dare to do it. And therefore the time alone in Canada a few weeks ago was very good for me. Time alone, even though it was busy and full of meetings and presentations. Yet in between I had a couple of hours that I could just quietly be alone and come to myself.
In a previous blog I wrote about the meal at the Folkerts and Bible reading from John 17. (wooden shoe, wooden head, would not listen.) At that time I did not listen and it went completely over my head. Far too much stress for the next presentation. But the next day it came straight into my heart:
I do not pray that You should take them out of the world, but that You should keep them from the evil.– our children-
God is not only sending us, He is sending us as a family, including our children. Joh. 17:15 And gently He leads those that are with young.
John 17 was a particularly encouraging part of scripture for me during my trip. Just now I had quit my job, I could reconnect, to my new Employer. He confirmed our contract with an emphatic stamp from His Word. It may sound lofty, but at the same time it was very sober. A nice mix for me.
In these months of preparation I have had moments that I thought: Help! This is exciting, is this good? But in these days especially came such tremendous peace and tranquillity, which is still in my heart. With God alone we can do this. But with Him it is possible. One of the women in the church of Toronto spoke to me and said: It is so nice to see you so at peace. And I thought: Thank you, that you say that! God sends, He is with us and giving that peace. He knows everything. And that’s more than enough.
When I was thinking about my grandmother and her embroidery I was reminded of Ephesians 3. Paul’s intercession prayer and wish for deepening of the faith. It struck me that he talks about the generations in verse 15 and verse 21.
14 For this reason I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
15 Who is called to every family in heaven and on earth ……….
Then a -what I personally love!- a passionate desire and prayer and blessing, (talking about holding on to something. Would this be not the best to hold on to? ….) What Paul concludes with:
21 to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever. Amen.
What a fantastic encouragement for all of us (and our children).
Yes, whether you have a family or be part of God’s wider family: Me and my house: We will serve this Lord!