Free apple picking.

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Our local government has 500 fruit trees just for local people to enjoy. That is good news for a woman like me. Last week I went with Laurens and got two big bags. After half an hour of picking we got them both filled up with nice, juicy apples.
When I drove back to our house, I felt so extremely happy and satisfied, not just because of my free apples. But more because of the Creator of those wonderful apples, each of them unique. They are all called apples and so they are, unique in their unity.
They are all different, just like people. Each one of them beautiful created through his Master. Given to us, to enjoy and to keep us strong.  I pondered on how I enjoy living here in this area and how we are getting to know more of the variety what this area has to offer. While this apple tree is deeply rooted in the Betuwe, and when I let myself root here for a while, I realize that my home is where-ever I see the Footprints of the Master, our Maker and King.
May our eyes be eager to be open for those footprints and may we deeply be rooted in the Lord alone.
October break arrived and it is not hard to be cozily stuck with a book, the cooking pears on the wood stove infusing the room with their lovely smell in the evening, but just before I start my reading season, I just wanted to share this first with you:
Welcome in this house! I’ll let my book for what it is when you come.. or we just read together in silence….