1. Debrecen, with a wink from Luther.

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Luther and MacDonalds. That was new to me. But that is what we saw in Debrecen. The heart of the Reformed Hungarian Church, are even the fries from Mac Donalds reformed here?
I think that I can say, that, what Grand Rapids is for the Reformed in Northern America, what Kampen is, for the Dutch Reformed, (although they are well known for splitting up;) is Debrecen for the Hungarian Reformed.
We are on our Springbreak journey (read more here, if you like.) And this was our second stop in Hungary after a stop in Pec. We were staying in a house at the orange marker. The other places are: Debrecen, Oradea (Romania), Uzgurod (Ukrain) and Sol, (Slovakia). (And the blue marker is for home in Osijek.) I am planning to post each day of this week about our trip and this is the first of the serie.
Judith had been learning about Michiel de Ruyter with her history lessons, de Dutch naval officer who rescued 29 Hungarian pastors from captivity in the 17th century. We all had to learn about him in primary school, and it was fun, that it just had been Judiths subject last week.
At the square we saw this beautiful mozaïek, with the Lamb of God in the center.
IMG_0111 (1)
I talked with a few girls at the square and asked if there was any bigger statute from Michiel de Ruyter, but I didn ´t know how to pronounce his name in Hungarian or English;).
We found another Calvin street. I don´t know how many Calvins street can be found in Hungary. And if you like coffee with karakter you could buy it here:
IMG_0102 (1)
As many of you may know 1517 is the year that Luther put his 95 theses on the door at Wittenberg.
I have been knitting for more than an hour, while the girls went to the nearest bookstore and Jelle bought a new computer, with Hungarian keyboard. Useful in this part of Europe. While this man at the door of the Mac Donald (off all places), was winking at me! How dare he!
IMG_20160220_152407I have no idea what the reason is for his winking. Is it because he is on the same flyer with the M from MacDonald? Which seemed rather unusual to us, or does he has to say anything else this time? Maybe one of the Hungarian readers can translate this for us 😉

Anyway. We love Luther.  And he has influenced us quite a bit. So to honor the man, I close with two quotes:


Here I stand, I can not do anything else.

(my answer to the question if I should marry the man who asked it.)


Birds are the best theologians. They worship the entire day.

Hope to see you tomorrow, if I can make it. Janneke