Bor, day 4: Food from the mountain and a pancake recipe

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Every day, a few of us go up the mountain to get our lunch. The tiny tractor comes down from higher up the mountain. The mother of Slobodan, one of our team leaders, is cooking for us this week. Most of the food is coming from her own garden and lovely local recipes: good, solid food, lots of meat and vegetables baked in pig fat. The food is really tasty and, of course, all natural. Slobodan’s mother has the intention that we all gain a kilo or two. That is not very difficult with this food. We thank her so much for her work every single day this week!
The food is delivered in this kind of lovely pots.
And, here we are eating it. We stay this week in a basic hotel in the middle of town.
Now, dear people, there is a lot more to tell than a pancake recipe. Kids Una Club in the little villages, the sharing of the Bible, the response of the people. But, for today, I keep it light after the two stories earlier this week.
Switch on some light music if you want, preferably ten or fifteen years old. Make sure you have the ingredients at home, and enjoy!  I really do hope that you are hungry when you eat this. Be careful—it is filling!  
Make simple pancakes as thin as you can:

  • 45 gr flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1/8 liter milk
  • salt
  • a bit of butter

The next step:
First layer: A teaspoon ketchup, musterd, mayonaise and creme fraiche.
Second layer: A tablespoon baked mushrooms, baked union, baked pepper, garlic, ginger, salami, ham.  
Third layer: Spices: Ginger, chicken spices, chili pepper, white onions, curry.
You can mix and match…go a bit wild! This is true Balkan food, after all.
Make a nice package, and fold it in an eatable way. A napkin might be useful.

Dobar tek!

Tomorrow: more stories about the Kid’s Club, the Bible study material, and the Family Bible. Hope to meet you there,
Much more to see on Facebook, if you want to sign up for the Roma Sisters Place, let me know, and I will add you to the list. 

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