Letting go of regular salary

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Not everybody is called to do it. But for me it was time to stop my part-time job and now I am back to being a full-time mother. And we as a family, are back to full support from friends and family. As many of you know this has been a beautiful and sometimes scary journey in faith.
I was reminded of “tante Margriet Cromwijk,” our Sunday-school teacher, a friend of my mother. We were sitting in a circle and the Sunday-school teacher told us the story of Levi. I remember so clearly how she pointed out that we would have to make many choices in life, but that Jesus was calling Levi, with just two words: “Follow me.” She continued: “It is not a problem if we forget many other things, but this is what we always should remember: Jesus says: Follow me.” And just this week, this Sunday morning our pastor preached about the call of Levi. That “Follow me” keeps following me.
I didn’t expect that it would be so hard to give up my part-time job. But it was. I could think of at least five good arguments to stop working next to family life and transitions. The children need me. Jelle can’t work full-time for Roma Bible Society, when he has to take over the family. The irregular shifts made our lives restless and hectic.We have started our Croatian lessons, two of our girls are getting an intensive reading training, and my job actually required more attention than I could give.
And still… I was surprised how extremely small the eye of the needle is. We all know that the camel goes easier through the eye of the needle than a rich man or woman goes into the Kingdom of God. That regular salary at the end of the month was something to hold on to. And it is just then that I am called to follow Jesus. Let go of it. I know! Not everybody is called to do that. But I am called to do this, and we hope that you recognize that calling in our lives.
So, whether you are a Sunday-school teacher, a mother, a father, whether you have an ordinary job or in whichever situation you are: God calls us all to follow Him and you never know what the impact of your steps are, now or much later.
There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit,
There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord,
There are different kinds of working, but the same God, works all of them in all men.
And, yes, by the way, because of that full-time motherhood-and all the other things, we need to raise our support level (Nederlands) (English info here.)