31 x May: a wonder-full month

31 days of love, life and happiness, except for that day that the lid of the teapot, that we have since our marriage, scattered on the floor, but well, what can I say? That is nothing when I compare it with all the precious moments that this month has given.

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Just a bit of mothering; hang in there!

What are you doing Janneke? That is a question that I have to answer frequently. Is life out of your home country really harder than -just home-? (where ever that is) Here a little peek behind the scenes. Many things are the same as everywhere. The sky is often blue. The earth is black. The…

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Prayer for peace

Lord, make me a tool of your peace.     Let me bring love where hatred grows. Let me bring forgiveness, where it was insult. Let me bring unity, where there is discord. Let me bring truth, where people wander. Let me bring faith where there is doubt. Let me bring hope, where there is…

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Silent/Writing Retreat in May: "Don’t be afraid"

Happy to announce a silent/ writing retreat 25-28 May. This time Fanny Bernitez hopes to be our guest and she will lead us in one of the writing workshops. We bring writers into a quiet, contemplative setting. We also want to give people who are looking for a time of quiet, writing as a tool for contemplation.…

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How was the silence retreat?

Many of you asked me this question, so here is my answer: We came from four cardinal directions and traveled many miles, but after that, we enjoyed the local food, fellowship, and silence. Four moments that touched my heart: Walking in silence for one and a half hours in the middle of the plains. On…

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7 benefits for keeping a journal (+1 bonus)

“I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.” – Flannery O’Connor In an old box for boots do I keep them: my journals. Still have those pink booklets with a lock from the late eighties. They are lots of fun to read now, when our kids are at…

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The table is set

“To dare is to lose your balance momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself.” – Soren Kierkegaard The test run is over. The dots are on the i. I can tell you that now I am looking back on a week with our teacher and the children to prepare for the final bits and…

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Local food

One of the nice things about hosting a retreat where we eat local food, is that I can go wild in shopping at markets. That is the place to get all the local food that is available. Sadly plastic bags are still common here, but when I bring Judith along, the older grandma’s know it…

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My little birthday gift for you:

Today is my birthday, and therefore, here’s my little gift for you: “One of the riskiest things you can do in this life is to hope.” Read more. (by Melody) Another story from Bor in Serbia. 10 Ideas for Professional Development on the Field. 8 Ways to Bless Your Home. Where Love Leads. And, by…

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Desiring silence

Profound silence is not something we fall into casually. This may indeed happen, and a blessed happening it is, but normally we choose to set aside a time and place to enter spiritual quietness. (Those who never do this, or shrink from it, run a very grave risk of remaining half-fulfilled as humans.)

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