About me

About me

Hi There,
Thanks for stopping by. Welcome to this tiny corner of the world wide web. People from over 100 countries are reading here, and we are glad you also stopped by! And some of them are sitting around our kitchen table, once in a while. It would be lovely to hang out and drink some tea or coffee together. But that is not so very easy. If you make the drink, I’ll do the writing.
I write about our family, living, eating and shopping at markets in Croatia. Because we value the richness of a simple lifestyle. I write about Roma-related issues as we regularly attend the smallest, youngest Roma church of the Baranja area. I write about writing because I consider myself an amateur writer (amore = love for), and I do love writing.
So, what to expect: if you sign up, you will receive a weekly blog post about one of these subjects above. This is mostly a bilingual blog, but that is sometimes a challenge.
Here are two reasons why I started this blog five years ago.

  1. I would love to stay in touch with you or get to know you at some point. Please never hesitate to leave a comment. I love hearing from you!
  2. There are so many stories that need to be told.

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Happy reading, and welcome on board!

Warm greetings, Janneke